From today's school newspaper, an article that made me laugh quite a lot:

A recent study conducted by Janet Elise Rosenbaum yet again compares the sexual behavior between teens who take abstinence pledges and teens who don't. She found that after five years of taking the pledge, 82 percent of the virginity pledgers deny having ever pledged and ultimately, there was no difference between the two groups in terms of sexual activity or sexually transmitted diseases. However, pledgers were less likely to use contraceptives, such as condoms, and Rosenbaum writes this may be because many abstinence-only programs disparage the effectiveness of contraceptives.

(Article by Helen Zou, available here )

I laughed a lot because I really hate faith-based initiatives, and to see them failing so miserably (indeed, being arguably counterproductive and potentially harmful) brings great joy to my twisted, cold, black heart. I hate them because they are pure nonsense initiated by people with likely good intentions, but absolutely absurd, borderline megalomaniacal obsessions with controlling thought. Of course the easiest targets for such thought control are young people, with the enormous potential for peer pressure in youth-oriented groups. To strive for prevention of disease and unwanted pregnancies is a noble goal, but to try to do so by fighting human nature is folly. I am delighted to see nature prove it as such.