I spent my New Year's Eve Contra dancing in Sacramento. At some point, I realized that I was being followed/stalked by a woman. She first stood near me, and talked into space at no one in particular, I suppose hoping that I would listen and comment. Since I didn't hear what she was saying, I paid no heed. Some time later, I got cornered near the snacks, coincidentally by the stack of progressive newspapers. She made sure to shout this time, though no more in my direction than before. I ignored her a couple of times, and started looking at the headlines of the newspapers. She shouted something about gun control. I finally realized she was trying to talk to me. See, I had suspected as much before, but I'm not used to people talking to me. Once she had my attention, she announced her status as a conservative lesbian. I thought it was rather oxymoronic. When I said as much, she said "What, have you been going to college? Who tells you this stuff?" Hmmm... Prop 8, anyone? It's not news that conservatism and homosexuality do not go hand in hand these days (or ever have). I asked her if she ever wanted equal civil rights to heterosexuals. The conversation went nowhere. Never mind that she's been following me (a guy) around looking for a dance. I dismissed her as confused, and went on my merry way, talking to other people so that she'd leave me alone. She never got her dance.

Now that I'm home, I decided to search up this funny sounding term, "conservative lesbianism." There are at least a few things out there, but recent headlines are intermingled with stuff at least as far back as 2001. Mostly it's the idea that these lesbians adhere to conservatism in the true sense - minimal government, and certainly minimal government interference in personal life. Since when, though, has the conservative element in this country actually adhered to those ideals? Certainly not recently. Why on earth would any lesbian or gay person currently identify with a party that is actively working to deny them civil rights, and whose religious core condemns them as hell-bound? What's more important to you - your guns, or your dignity?

These people must wake up and get their priorities straight. The Republican party has no respect for them, and the Republicans have clearly shown no intention of minimizing government's monitoring and control of people's decisions. Until there is true conservatism in government, without the interference of religion and corporate greed, any conservative gay person would do well to lose that identity and focus on preserving their rights as equals.