This is what studying too much math will do to you:

I analyzed the Chinese zodiac while eating out last night. Any of the recommendations that it tells you to avoid marrying are based on 6-year intervals. Strangely, the boar doesn't follow this pattern. The boar is advised to be wary of itself, rather than its 6-year offset counterpart. Any of the recommendations of who to marry are based on 4-year offsets, which led me to draw a parallel between the zodiac and the photographer's rule of thirds. For those not familiar with it, it says that most aesthetically pleasing photos can be composed by putting the subject of interest at a position 1/3 into the frame from any given side.

Lately I've also been pondering my move out of my apartment, and I've come to recognize that moves often are well described by logarithmic functions, with work being the independent variable (the x axis) and progress being the dependent variable (y axis) - your progress starts out very fast for a given amount of work, but pretty quickly degrades until it feels like no matter how much work you do, your overall completion changes little. I think everyone feels this way, but how many people fit functions to their feelings?