Flushing a toilet with one's foot is absurd. The level of paranoia about toiletry hygiene is just ridiculous. Do people really think that other people stick their hands up their asses, get nice and steamy poo-residue on them, and then gleefully wipe said residue all over the handle, knowing or hoping that future restroom patrons will suffer? I for one don't enjoy poo on my hand, and use what is probably an excess of toilet paper to prevent the union of poo and hand. I can't imagine anyone feeling otherwise. Furthermore, what's the first thing any logical person does after using the restroom? Hand wash, anyone? So you've got fecal matter on your hands for a maximum of 15 seconds. Get a grip. I hope the so-called foot-flushers bust their asses on a slippery floor while attempting to flush at least once in their lifetimes.